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Softball Ninjas - Information

What is the idea behind Ninja Practice?

Too often, in a softball players development, we focus on individual skills as the end all be all of athletic progression and ultimately success in sports. As skill coaches become a dime a dozen in our sport due to it’s surge in popularity, it has become more important than ever for your athlete to stand out in more ways than one and families to be more diverse with how they spend on their athlete’s development. There is no denying that an athlete must have superior skills to compete for a position at any level, especially as they advance to HS and college athletics. But there is so much more to be said about playing and understanding the sport as part of a team, and how an athlete’s individual skills translates to a team game which results in more smart, confident and competitive athletes - true elite softball players!

This is why we decided to start a new type of lesson delivered in a team atmosphere. Of course we will focus on individual skills, on most days getting the same amount of reps as a positional lesson. In addition, athletes will be exposed to other positions in drills, to grow their athleticism and so that they remain well rounded softball players and able to compete for more positions on their club teams. Pitchers and catchers will have fielding drills as well, while these athletes can have equal reps at their secondary positions. 

But beyond positional training, we will practice game details, both defensively and offensively. For example, some things we will likely go over are: baserunning - not only how, but when and why; bunting-the simple art; defensive strategy - bunt coverages, shifts, infield situations, IF/OF communication, relays and cutoffs, and more.

Finally we will have team hitting at least two weeks of the four weeks per month. We will not reveal ahead of time which weeks we will be hitting so athletes are expected to bring all of their equipment each week. During hitting practice, we will not change mechanics learned from an athlete’s current hitting coach but instead offer simple corrections which all hitters should keep in mind.

If all goes well, by thinking outside the box about personal softball training, we hope to help cultivate smarter and more athletic softball players, who understand the details of the game which in turn will make them a confident and accountable teammate with a ton of swag! Think of it as that extra team practice during the week (because weekday practices are not the norm) with a D1 curriculum coached by Gold level coaches.

RECOMMENDED AGES: Grades 7-12 club athletes

DAY & TIME: Wednesdays, 7-9pm, Heritage Park, Cerritos CA

PRICE: $30 per 2 hour class (actual 1:50)

You will have the option to reserve your spot with a credit card and pay following the lesson or  pay for the lesson in full when you book.

$5 OFF for Ohana Tigers athletes. You must use this code when booking: TIGERNINJA. We will not refund money if this code is not entered at booking time. You can pay in cash on the day of the lesson if you have reserved a spot with a credit card but if you reserve a space using a credit card and do not cancel at least 24 hours if you can’t attend, you will be charge a cancellation fee of $15. Walk-ups ok with no discount (pending class space available). Book now.